Monthly programme February ´15

ShkurtThis is our monthly programme for February!

We hold as usual every Monday a movie ready for you, the first Thursday of the month is booked for all people over 50. The Over 50´s dancing night, is a place to drink, to dance, to sing and to enjoy good company. In the mid of the month, we invite, as every month, for a Jazz-Concert. One week later we will go into smoother rythms, with the Classic-Night and in the end its going louder again, with the Rock-Night. Stay updated, for the announcement of the Musicians! And dont forget to read and discuss, for this you will find your way to Tirana Ekspres every Wednesday night for the Literature Night!

As you can see we still have some place in there, we are looking forward to fill this space and replace it with interesting and great activities, be aware! But we also would like to ask everybody who wants to contribute something, to give us suggestions, ideas and inspirations or do something by your own!

We are open for you! Create your alternative space in Tirana!

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

And check our facebook-page:


yes! i'M VOTING WITH BOTH MY ARMS AND EVEN LEGS for karaoke!!! But I would like to present also another idea:: ENGLISH POETRY NIGHT. In fact, it may be also Italian or German or French poetry night... Or even MULTI-LINGUAL POETRY NIGHT.!! why not??


My proposal: KARAOKE NIGHT (maybe even two per month) - but not only for those who are 50+... Sure thing, young and middle-aged people also would love to use such a chance to show off a little bit... WHY NOT??