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5 djelmoshat

5 djelmoshat

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]”5 DJELMOSHAT” Fjori Sinoruka “5 djelmoshat” eshte shfaqja me e re e cila po shfaqet per publikun e kryeqytetit ne Teatrin Kombetar. Kjo eshte veper e autores sllovene Simona Semiovic, pjese edhe e panairit dramaturgjik “My name is Balkan”, organizuar nga artistja Ema Andrea, shtatorin e kaluar. Shfaqja vjen me regji […]

‘Loose wires! We have a connection unlike anyone…’

[From Kenna]

Attention: TIRANA QUIZZ! Round 1

The question is: where exactly is this object [see attached pic] situated?? The very first person having sent right answer to – attention! – [email protected] will get ‘Tuborg Green’ 0.5 l as a prize! (N.B. – at our bar, attending one of our events)

In any autoshkolle are teaching HOW to park…

…but apparently are NOT teaching WHERE…

Meet Extra-Curricular English Words!

No worries: nothing rebellious, nothing obscene! And the very first group consists of: PEPPER-UPPER, CANTILLATE, GLOBULAR, FUNAMBULIST, PARAMNESIA. PEPPER-UPPER: 1. something, as a food, beverage, or pill, that provides a quick but temporary period of energy and alertness. 2. something added to food to relieve blandness. CANTILLATE: to chant, to intone. GLOBULAR: 1.  globe-shaped; spherical. 2.  composed […]

Some Theo-Calcio-Logians insist that Noah’s Ark…

…before settling down on Mount Ararat, pulled over in Elbasan… We would be able not neither to confirm nor to refute that – but we definitely wish and will to congratulate Albanian National Football Team and all its fans with an excellent victory on the 29th of March! Now, after 4 qualifying games, Albania is […]

Poor Erjon didn’t know that this gorgeous MERCEDES, ‘HIS’ MERCEDES…

…had been already sold to Zlatan…perhaps, his revenge would not have been as elaborate…maybe, MERCEDES was not Erjon’s only love – ’cause he’d been heard saying smth like ‘well, in fact, Aida might be not a bad replacement…pardon, I was meaning AUDI, sure thing!..    

Summer Day passed – spring is here!

Just view these pics and read these rhymes… (Authors: Unknown and Hilda Conkling)

Some Aspects of Surviving in the City

Parents! Give survival kit For your thursty hungry kid!

It was NOT guaranteed for those who wanted to piss!..

I’m talking about the passed Saturday – Summer Day. Such a warm, really ‘summerish’ day predisposed to have a beer or glass of wine or even couple of raki shots… BUT! When one drinks alcohol, esp. beer or wine, and does NOT sweat much – neither does some body exercises – one is destined (doomed, […]

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